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2006 Track and Field Results Page

Boone County Opening Night Relays   (03-28-06)

Warren East All-Comers  (3-28-06)

Pikeville All-Comers  (03-28-06)

Russell All-Comers   (03-28-06)

Woodford County (03-29-06)

KYOVC Challenge   (03-29-06)

Green County All-Comers  (03-30-06)

Williamsburg All-Comers  (03-30-06)

Ashland Relays  (3-30-06)

Bullitt East All-Comers  (03-30-06)

Madisonville-North Hopkins All-Comers  (03-30-06)   TM Results File

Kentucky Country Day All-Comers  (-3-30-06)

Lenny Lyles Invitational  (03-31-06)

Marion County All-Comers  (04-01-06)     TM Results file

Henderson County Colonel Classic  (04-01-06)    TM Results file

1st Annual Camel Classic  (04-01-06)    TM Results File

West Jessamine All-Comers  (03-30-06)

Bellevue Freshmen Meet  (03-30-06)

Pikeville All-Comers   (03-30-06)

Mobile(AL) Challenge of Champions  (04-01-06)

Henderson Co-Daviess County Girls Dual  (04-03-06)   TM Results File

Harrodsburg All-Comers  (0-04-06)  TM Results File

Model  All Comers  (04-04-06)    TM Results File

Prestonsburg All-Comers  (04-04-06)

Fleming County All-Comers  (04-04-06)

North Hardin- Fort Knox Dual (04-04-06)

Campbell County JV   (04-06-06)     TM Results File

Raider Relays     (04-06-06)

Carroll County All-Comers  (04-07-06)    TM Results File  

Appalachian Track Classic  (4-08-06)   TM Results File

Model Patriot Invitational  (04-08-06)   TM Results File

Apollo Invitational   (04-08-06)

Henderson-Daviess Tri Meet (4-11-06)   TM Results File

Scott County All-Comers   (04-11-06)

Henry County All-Comers    (04-11-06)

Whitley County All-Comers    (04-11-06)

Greenwood All-Comers  (04-11-06)

Prestonsburg All-Comers  (04-11-06)

Fleming County All-Comers   (04-11-06)

LaRue County All-Comers  (04-11-06)

North Hardin  Tri- meet (04-11-06)

Leslie County All-Comers  (4-11-06)

Harrodsburg All-Comers   (04-11-06)   TM Results File

Ashland All-Comers   (4-11-06)

Kenton County Championships   (04-12-06)

Green County   All-Comers    (04-13-06)

Russell All-Comers    (04-13-06)

Pikeville All-Comers (04-13-06)

Bell County All-Comers  (04-13-6)

Ryle Friday Frenzy (04-14-06)

Trigg County Invitational (04-15-06)

Henry County Wildcat Relays   (04-15-06)   TM Results File

Tates Creek Commodore Classic   (04-15-06)    TM Results File

Lake Cumberland Classic   (04-15-06)    TM Results File

Male Invitational   (04-15-06)

Invitational of the South   (04-15-06)  

Bellevue PIT (04-15-06)

Boyd County Classic   (04-15-06)     TM Result File

Rowan County Invitational   (04-15-06)    TM Results File

Western Hills All-Comers  (04-18-06)       TM Results File

Pikeville All-Comers    (04-18-06)

Woodford County All-Comers  (04-18-06)    TM Results File

Warren County- City District     (04-18-06)

Fleming County All-Comers  (04-18-06)

Danville All-Comers   (04-18-06)    TM Results File

North Laurel All-Comers (04-18-06)    TM Results File

Villa Madonna Field Events Meet   (04-18-06)

North Hardin All-Comers   (04-18-06)

Larue-Nelson    (-4-18-06)

Rockcastle Rocket Relays   (04-18-06)

Elizabethtown Pole Vault Meet  (04-19-06)

Model All-Comers   (04-19-06)     TM Results File

Crittenden County All-Comers    (04-20-06)

Heart of the Bluegrass   (04-22-06)    TM Results File

PRP Invitational   (04-22-06)     TM Results File

Whitley County Colonel Classic   (04-22-06)  TM Results File

Hopkinsville Invitational  (04-22-06)

Male Bulldog Classic  (04-22-06)

Donnie Carnes Invitational  (04-22-06)   TM Results File

Clay County All-Comers   (04-24-06)   TM Results File

Daviess, Ow Cath, Grayson Tri Meet  (04-25-06)   TM Results File

Pikeville All-Comers  (4-25-06)

RJ Corman Relays    (04-25-06)  TM Results File

BRAG    (04-25-06)

Tates Creek All-Comers  (04-25-06)

Russell Red Devil Relays    (4-25-06)

Bell County All-Comers  (04-25-06)   TM Results File

Waggener JCPS Track Meet   (04-25-06)

John Hardin All-Comers  (04-25-06)   TM Results File

Hopkinsville-Henderson Dual (4-26-06)

Model All-Comers  (4-26-06) 

Western Hills All-Comers  (4-27-06)    TM Results File

Red & Royal Runnin' Rumble    (4-27-06)   Event File .zip

McLean Tri-Meet  (04-27-06)    TM Results File 

NKAC Division 1   (04-27-06)

NKAC Division 2    (04-27-06)

Warren East Raider Run  (04-28-06)   TM Results File

Central Hardin Invitational     (4-28-06)   TM Results File

KCD Invitational  (04-28-06)     TM Results File

Bell County Bobcat Invitational  (4-28-06)  TM Results File

Shelby County Invitational   (04-28-06)    TM Results File

Woodford County Invitational (4-29-06)   TM Results File

Danville Class A (04-29-06)

Eastern Relays (04-29-06)   TM Results File

Madison Southern Invitational   (04-29-06)    TM Results

Conner Cougar Invitational   (04-29-06)

Paducah Tilghman Invitational Girls (04-29-06)   Boys

Madison Central All-Comers (05-02-06)

Scott County All-Comers Boys    (05-02-06)    Girls

Russell All-Comer's  (05-02-06)

Henry County All-Comers  (05-02-06)  TM Results File

Elizabethtown  'The Sky's  the Limit' Jumpers' Invitational   (05-02-06)

Bullitt East All-Comers  (05-02-06)

Western Hills All-Comers (05-02-06)   TM Results File

KCD Relays   (05-02-06)

Derby Invitational   (05-02-06)  TM Results File

Bellevue A Invitational   (05-03-06)

Southwestern All-Comers    (05-04-06)   TM Results File

Oldham County Sundown Invitational   (05-4-06)

Carroll County (05-04-06)    TM Results File

Bell County All-Comers  (05-04-06)   TM Results File  

Leslie Open  (05-04-06)

Marshall County Twilight Relays   (05-05-06)

Fayette County Championships   (05-05-06) TM Results File

Mclean-Muhlenberg South Dual    (05-05-06)   TM Results File

Greenwood Great Gator Relays  (05-06-06) Girls    Boys  Girls TM Results File  Boys TM Results File

Green County Invitational  (05-06-06)   TM Results File

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (05-06-06)   TM Results File

Lloyd Memorial Invitational  (05-05/06-06)   TM Results File

EG Plummer Invitational    (05-06-06)  TM Results File

Eastern Kentucky Conference (05-06-06)  TM Results File

Ernie Chattin Invitational   (05-06-06)   TM Results File

Butler Hall of Fame   (05-08-06)   TM Results File

Henderson County   (05-08_-06)   TM Results File

Rockcastle County Invitational (05-09-06)

Madison Central All-Comers  (05-09-06)

Pendleton County All-Comers  (05-09-06)

Harrodsburg All-Comers   (05-09-06)   TM Results File

Tates Creek All-Comers   (05-09-06)   TM Results File

Daviess County Freshman-Sophomore    (05-09-06)

Academy Meet    (05-09-06)   TM Results File

Scott County All-Comers  Girls  (05-09-06) 

Assumption All-Comers   (05-10-06)

Heartland Conference   (05-12-06)     TM Results File

Conner Cougar Reserve    (05-12-06)

KOVC    (05-12-06)  Team Scores   TM Results File

Southwestern Warrior Invitational  (05-13-06)    TM Results File

Henderson County Invitational   (05-13-06)   TM Results File

Dunbar Bulldog Invitational  (05-13-06)    TM Results File

Marion County Boswell Invitational  (05-13-06)   TM Results File

AREA 7 Championships    (05-13-06)  

North Hardin Invitational    (05-13-06)

Area 9 Championships   (05-13-06)

SKY Conference  Girls (05-13-06)   Boys


St. Pius X   (3-16-19-06)

Western Hills (3-22-06)

Verity MS Mini-Invitational  (03-28-06)                       

West Jessamine Middle School All-Comers  (03-28-06)

Western Hills (3-29-06)

Coal Grove (OH)   (03-31-06)

Western Hills Middle School (04-12-06)

West Jessamine  (04-11-06)

Tichenor Trojan Invitational  (04-12-06)

Crosby Relays     (04-12-06)

Harrodsburg MS All-Comers    (04-13-06)   TM Results File

Shelby County Middle School Classic (04-14-06)TM Results File

Verity Patriot Relays  (04-14-06)

Tates Creek Middle School Invitational (04-14-06)   

Woodford County 7th & Under  (04-15-06)

North Central Kentucky Conference   (04-17-06)   TM Results File

Western Hills Middle School  (04-19-06)  TM Results File

Taylor-Larue  Royal & Red Runnin' Rumble    (04-19-06)

Verity Middle School Invitational   (04-24-06)

Marshall County Middle School Invitational (04-24-06)

Green County Middle School Invitational (4-25-06)   TM Results File

Campbell County Middle School   (4-26-04)     TM Results File

Western Hills Middle School    (4-26-06)  TM Results File

Harrodsburg Middle School  ( 4-27-06)

Dunbar Middle School Invitational  (04-28-06) 

Ashland YMCA Middle School  (04-28-06)

Verity Elementary Meet   (04-28-06)

Danville Bate  Bulldog Invitational   (05-01-06)

Foley Invitational   (05-01-06)   TM Results File

Pendleton County  Middle School (05-02-06)

Western Hills Middle   (05-03-06)   TM Results

Bellevue Middle School Invitational    (05-04-06)   TM Results File

Derby Middle School Invitational (05-04-06)   TM Results File

Henry County Middle School Wildcat Relays (05-05-06)   TM Results File

Ashland YMCA Elementary (05-05-06)   TM Results File

Western Kentucky Meet of Champions  (05-06-06)

Bluegrass Conference Middle School (05-06-06)

Harrodsburg Middle School Invitational (05-08-06)  TM Results File

Model Middle School Invitational  (05-12-06)   TM Results File

Capital City Classic (05-12-06)   TM Results File

Kentucky Country Day  Invitational    (05-12-06)


Berea College Invitational  (03-18-06)

University of the Cumberlands Invitational  (04-08-06)

Centre College Twilight

Eastern Kentucky University Open  (04-21-06)

Mid South Conference    (04-22-06)


Marietta College HS   (1-22-06)

Wildcat Classic @ UK    (1-22-06)

Mason County Royal Rumble  (1-29-06)

Panther Indoor Games   (2-04-06)

Mason County Indoor Invitational (2-11-06)

Kentucky Invitational  @ UK    (2-18-06)

Volunteer Indoor Track Classic   (2-18-06)

AAU Northern Indoor National Championships  (2-18-06)

St. Charles Indoor   (2-19-06)

Bishop Hartley   (2-25-06)

Cedarville Indoor    (2-25-06)

Cedarville Indoor (2-25)

AAU Southern National Championships   (2-24-26-06)

Larue County Field Event Meet   

2006 Mason-Dixon Games

Class A      Team Manager Results File .zip

Class AA    Team Manager Results File .zip

Class AAA     Team Manager Results File .zip

Middle School-- Masters & Open      Team Manager Results File .zip

West Region High School Invitational @ Murray State (3-11-06)


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