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2012 Cross Country Schedule Page

Tentative schedule: *** indicates confirmed meets

Email with confirmations, corrections, additions

     July     August     September      October     November     December

Event Name
Zip File
July Events
June 27- July 1 Mon-Fri
July 7-10  
July 11-15 Mon-Fri
 July 21


Bluegrass State Games 5K @ RJ Corman, Nicholasville Website

July 25-29 Mon-Fri Scott High School Cross Country Camp *** Info
 July 23-July 29    USATF Junior Olympics National Championships, Baltimore, MD  ***  
 July 26-Aug 5   AAU National Championships, Humboldt, TX
July 27 Fri
August Events
 Aug 10-11 Fri-Sat 4th Annual Jammin' & Jumpin' Street Vault -Henderson, Ky Email:Email: *** Info 
Aug 11 Sat "No Frills 5K" @ Atherton HS
Aug 11 Sat Runner's Symposium -Cincinnati Children's Hospital Info
Aug 14 Tue Nelson County Hokem Karam ***
Aug 16 Thu

Aug 16   Thu   Scott High School Practice Meet Email: ***
Aug 17 Fri Fern Creek Scrimmage   Email: 
Aug 18


Aug 18 Sat Bluegrass State Games Cross Country Meet @ Masterson Station .zip
 Aug 18 Sat DeSales Scrimmage @McNeely Lake  Email: ***
Aug 20 Mon

Advantage Quad Series-Fulton County HS Email:

Aug 20MonPikeville All-Comers @ Bob Amos Park***
Aug 21 Tue Owenboro HS KY-IN Border Clash ***
Aug 21 Tue  Providence (IN) Hokum Karem
Aug 21 Tue Woodford County Beat the Heat    
Aug 21 Tue Clark County Christian Scrimmage  Email: ***
Aug 22 Wed Frankfort Archives Middle & High School School All-Comers ***  Info
Aug 23 Thu Heath Pirate Invitational @ Stuart Nelson Park
.zip Info
Aug 23 Thu Barren County All-Comers
Aug 23 Thu Fairview Early Season XC Showcase Email: *** 
Aug 24 Fri Moeller Primetime Invitational @ Mason, OH ***
Aug 25 Sat Brian Plasman Invitational OH
Aug 25 Sat Kenwood (TN) Classic ***   
Aug 25 Sat Centerville(OH) Saturday Night Lights ***
Aug 25 Sat Hammer Down XC Relays *** Info
Aug 25 Sat Daviess County 6K Relay .zip Info
Aug 25 Sat 5th Annual Holmes Licking River Run .zip
Aug 25 Sat St. Xavier Tiger Run --River Road Country Club  Email:MedleyC@SAINTXFAC.COM


Aug 25 Sat Sam Casada Trail Blazer Memorial
Aug 28 Tue

NCKC @ Williamstown Email:


Aug 28 Tue Bath County All-Comers  Email: ***
Aug 28TuePikeville All-Comers @ Bob Amos Park***
Aug 29 Wed Frankfort Archives Middle & High School School All-Comers ***  Info
Aug 29WedPUMA Fern Creek Relays   Email:***Info
Aug 29 Wed Assumption Frosh-JV Development Series  Email: ***
 Aug 30 Thu Chik-Fil-A AJ Special Email: .zip Info

Aug 30 Thu
Aug 30  Thu Barren County All-Comers  
Aug 30 Thu Green County All-Comers   Email: ***
September Events
Sept 1  Sat Ryle Invitational .zip
 Sept 1 Sat Carroll County Invitational CANCELLED   Email:
Sept 1 Sat Geico Classic @ Cabell Midland (WV) ***
Sept 1  Sat Madisonville-North Hopkins Invitational
.zip Info
 Sept 1 Sat

Shelby County Invitational

.zip Info
Sept 1 Sat Memphis Twilight Classic  Email: *** Info
Sept 1 Sat Henry Clay Invitational Email: .zip Info
Sept 1  Sat Warren East Raider Twilight Meet Email: .zip Info
Sept 4 Tue JCPS MS King/Queen of the Hill  schools Email: ***
Sept 4  Tue

Hopkins County Central All-Comers  

Sept 4Tue Powell County All-Comers***Info
Sept 4 Tue NCKC @ Gallatin County ***
Sept 4TueLetcher County Central All-Comers Email:***
Sept 4TueCorbin All-Comers  Email:***
Sept 5  Wed Frankfort Archives Middle & High School School All-Comers *** Info
Sept 5  Wed Pikeville All-Comers @ Bob Amos Park ***
Sept 5 Wed Chance Chase Challenge(5th & under)@ Chance School  *** Info
Sept 6 Thu Marshall County Mad Marshal Dash 2 Miler .zip Info
Sept 6ThuBourbon County All-Comers  Email:***
Sept 7 Fri St. Edward Invitational  Email:
Sept 8  Sat 39th Annual Grant County Invitational Email: @ Sherman Elementary .zip Info
Sept 8 Sat Fairview Invitational Email: ***
 Sept 8 Sat Mason (OH) Invitational
Sept 8 Sat Owsley County "Beast in the East"   Email: *** Info
Sept 8 Sat

E.G. Plummer Invitational @Danville

.zip Info
Sept 8  Sat Bowling Green Purple Strider Invitational .zip Info
Sept 8  Sat 47th Annual Owensboro Invitational .zip Info
Sept 8  Sat North Oldham "Rumble through the Jungle" Email: *** Info
Sept 8  Sat Marshall County "Mad Marshal Dash" .zip Info
Sept 8  Sat Volunteer Cross Country Invitational  Email:
Sept 10 Mon Advantage Quad Series-Fulton County HS Email:
Sept 10 Mon JCPS MS King/Queen of the Hill @ Atherton HS  Open to Non-JCPS schools Email: ***
Sept 11 Tue Nelson County Bernard Keene Invitational ***
Sept 11  Tue Mason County All-Comers *** Info
Sept 11
NCKC @ Carroll County ***
Sept 11 Tue Scott Middle School-Freshmen Classic .zip
Sept 11 Tue Hopkinsville-City-County Championships Email: ***
Sept 11 Tue St. Xavier Master Meet @ River Road  Email: MedleyC@SAINTXFAC.COM .zip
Sept 11  Tue Boyd County Mini-Invitational
***  Info
Sept 12  Wed Frankfort Archives Middle & High School School All-Comers *** Info
Sept 13 Thu Team Kentucky Elementary/Middle School Meet @ Mills Rd  Email: *** 
Sept 13
Taylor County All-Comers  Email: *** 
Sept 13 Thu Barren County Elementary/Middle School All-Comers ***
Sept 13  Thu Boyle County Invitational Email: .zip Info
Sept 13ThuHarlan County All-Comers***
Sept 13  Thu

Pikeville All-Comers @ Bob Amos Park

Sept 14  Fri Trinity-Valkyrie Middle School Invitational 
.zip Info
Sept 15  Sat Covington Catholic Invitational .zip Info
Sept 15  Sat Central Hardin Fairgrounds Frenzy  .zip
 Sept 15 Sat

Old Timers Classic @ WKU

 Sept 15 Sat Hancock County Invitational  Email: Info  Info
 Sept 15 Sat

St. Mary Invitational Email:

.zip Info
Sept 15  Sat Southern Harrier Classic@ GE Field-Somerset Email: ***
Sept 15 Sat Scott County/St. John's Double "S" Stampede  Email: *** Info
Sept 15  Sat Mason County Invitational Email: *** Info
Sept 15  Sat Trinity-Valkyrie Invitational
 Sept 15 Sat Tennessee Classic
*** Info
 Sept 17 Mon JCPS Middle School King-Queen of the Hill @ Atherton HS-Open to Non-JCPS schools ***
Sept 17 Mon

Pikeville All-Comers @ Bob Amos Park

Sept 17MonCorbin All-Comers  Email:***
Sept 18  Tue NCKC @ Henry County *** 
Sept 18  Tue Powell County All-Comers ***
 Sept 18 Tue Campbell County Championships Email:brossartbraun@YAHOO.COM ***
Sept 18TueMurray Al-Comers  Email:***
Sept 18TueNorth Laurel All-Comers  Email:***
Sept 18  Tue Mercer County All-Comers ***
Sept 19  Wed Frankfort Archives Middle & High School School All-Comers *** Info
Sept 19 Wed Assumption Frosh-Soph/JV Race #2 ***
Sept 19 Wed Hite Invitational .zip
Sept 19 Wed
Sept 19  Wed 

DeSales Lake View Meet  Email:

 .zip Info
Sept 20 Thu 9th Annual Hopkins County Central Thunder & Lightning Inv. *** Info
Sept  20Thu Team Kentucky Elementary/Middle Series @ Mills Rd***
Sept 20 Thu Green County All-Comers ***
Sept 20 Thu Letcher County Central All-Comers Email: ***
Sept 21 Fri Lloyd Frosh-Middle School *** Info
Sept 22 Sat Walton-Verona "Happy Feet" Invitational    CANCELLED
Sept 22  Sat Webster County Invitational Email:
*** Info
Sept 22 Sat 3rd Annual Midwest Catholic Championships @ Kettering, OH ***
Sept 22 Sat Berea Invitational ***
Sept 22 Sat 4th Annual Glasgow Christian Warrior Run Email:mwagner@GMCI.COM *** Info
Sept 22 Sat Culver Academy Invitational IN
Sept 22 Sat Malone (OH) Invitational  
Sept 22 Sat Palatine (IL) Invitational ***
Sept 22 Sat Trinity- St. Xavier Dual
Sept 22  Sat Scott Classic Email: .zip Info
Sept 22  Sat AF Bridges Invitational, Nashville, TN  Email: *** Info
Sept 22 Sat Calloway County Invitational  Email: keith.jared@CALLOWAY.KYSCHOOLS.US ***
Sept 22  Sat Franklin County Invitational   
.zip Info
Sept 22  Sat Greenwood Gatorland Run Email: *** Info
Sept 23 Sun St. Agnes Stampede
Sept 24 Mon JCPS King/Queen of the Hill @AthertonOpen to Non-JCPS schools ***
Sept 25  Tue Central Kentucky Conference Hosted by Danville@
 Admiral Stadium  Email:
.zip Info
Sept 25  Tue

Pikeville All-Comers @ Bob Amos Park

Sept 25  Tue Owsley County All-Comers   Email:   *** 
Sept 25 Tue 8th Annual Run for the Water Barrel-Winchester
Sept 25 Tue DeSales-Mercy Master Schedule Meet@ McNeely Lake Email: 
Sept 25Tue  Master Schedule Meet@  Email:***
Sept 25 Tue Paducah St. Mary Greenway All-Comers Email:
Sept 25 Tue St. Nicholas Invitational
 Sept 25 Tue Pulaski County All-Comers   Email: ***  Info
 Sept 26 Wed Thomas Nelson Wednesday Night Warfare  Email:
Sept 26 Wed The Lexington School MS/ELEM XC Invitational Email: *** 
Sept 26WedKOVCCT @ Fairview***Info
Sept 26  Wed Frankfort Archives Middle & High School School All-Comers *** Info
Sept 27Thu Team Kentucky Elementary/Middle Series @ Mills Rd***
Sept 27ThuLarue County Weekday Classic***
Sept 27 Thu Clay County All-Comers  Email: ***
Sept 27 Thu Hancock County All-Comers Email:
Sept 28 Fri Grant County Frosh-MS-Elem Invitational .zip Info
Sept 28-Sept 29   Fri-Sat Great American XC Festival, Cary NC ***
Sept 29 Sat Midwest Meet of Champions @ Hilliard, OH ***
Sept 29 Sat 32nd Marshall County Invitational Email: .zip Info
Sept 29 Sat

Ashland Invitational

Sept 29 Sat North  Laurel Invitational  Email:
Sept 29 Sat Wayne County Invitational  .zip
 Sept 29 Sat Greater Louisville Cross Country Classic .zip Info
Sept 29 Sat 29th Annual Capitol View Classic @ Archives, Frankfort Email:  .zip Info
Sept 29 Sat Pendleton County Invitational Email:
.zip Info
Sept 29 Sat 20th Annual Logan County Cougar Run
.zip Info
October Events
Oct 1 Mon

Advantage Quad Series-Fulton County HS Email:

*** Info
Oct 2 Tue Letcher County Central Cougar Climb Invitational  Email: ***
 Oct 2 Tue Kenton County ***
Oct 2 Tue Covington Diocese Championships @ AJ Jolly  Email:  *** Info
 Oct 2 Tue Mercer County All-Comers ***
Oct 2 Tue NCKC @ Trimble County  Email: ***
 Oct 2 Tue Owensboro-City-County Meet Email:
Oct 2   Tue 3rd Annual FCA/Taylor Orthodontics Champions Challenge .zip   Info
Oct 2   Tue Hopkins County Central All-Comers *** 
Oct 3  Wed Eastern Kentucky Conference ***
Oct 3 Wed Assumption Frosh-JV Development Series  Email: ***
Oct 3 Wed Team Kentucky Elementary/Middle School Series II @ Mills Rd ***
Oct 3WedPikeville All-Comers @ Bob Amos Park***
Oct 3 Wed Bluegrass Conference @ Sayre ***
Oct 4 Thu Cooper Jaguar Invitational Email: ***
Oct 4 Thu Team Kentucky Elementary/Middle Series @ Mills Rd ***
Oct 4ThuSEKC  Email:***
Oct 4 Thu 42nd Annual Providence (IN) Invitational
 Oct 4 Thu

Taylor County All-Comers  Email:

Oct 5 Fri Lloyd Frosh-Middle School *** Info
Oct 6  Sat Muhlenberg County Mustang Stampede ***
 Oct 6 Sat 8th Annual GRC Coaches Classic Email:  ***
Oct 6SatHarlan County Black Bear/Chuck Vitatoe Classic***
Oct 6SatSomerset Christian Cougar Prowl  Email: mwagner@GMCI.COM***Info
Oct 6 Sat Union County Arrowhead Invitational ***
Oct 6  Sat Male Invitational  ***
Oct 6 Sat Collins Titan Cross Country Invitational *** Info
Oct 6 Sat Nelson County Hillbilly Run Email: *** Info
Oct 6 Sat Tates Creek Invitational .zip Info
Oct 6  Sat Southeast XC Showdown. Hoover, AL ***
Oct 6 Sat Williamstown Invitational Email: *** Info
 Oct 6 Sat Trimble County Invitational .zip Info
Oct 8MonArea 5 Elementary Championships  Email: Scott***Info
Oct 9 Tue NCKC Championships@ Owen County ***
Oct 9 Tue SKY Conference Email: ***
Oct 9TueBell County Bobcat Invitational Email:***
Oct 9 Tue Southwestern All-Comers Email:  *** Info
Oct 9 Tue Fayette County Public School  City Championships ***
Oct 10Wed Trinity Master Schedule Meet@ Tom SawyerEmail:
Oct 10 Wed   St. Xavier Master Schedule Meet@ River Road CC Email: ***
Oct 10 Wed NKAC Championships Email: .zip  Info
Oct 11 Thu  Pikeville All-Comers @ Bob Amos Park ***
Oct 11 Thu Jack Mitchell Invitational @ Larue County Email:   ***
Oct 11ThuLetcher County Central All-Comers Email:***
Oct 11 Thu 6th Annual Russell Red Devil Invitational
Oct 13 Sat Henry County Renaissance Run *** Info
Oct 13 Sat Area 6 Championships  ***
Oct 13 Sat Green County Invitational  Email: ***
Oct 13SatArea 9 Championships  @ Harlan County***
Oct 13SatNorth Hardin Christian Inivitational  Email: mwagner@GMCI.COM***Info
Oct 13 Sat Lexington Christian All-Comers
Oct 13 Sat Fast Cats Classic-Daviees County Email: .zip Info
Oct 13 Sat South Oldham Dragon Invitational  .zip Info
Oct 13SatBoyd County Invitational Email:***Info
Oct 13 Sat St. Henry Invitational .zip Info
Oct 13 Sat NCAA Pre-Nationals @ EP Tom Sawyer State Park  ***
Oct 13 Sat Pulaski County Invitational  & Area 8 Championships ***
Oct 15 Mon Pikeville All-Comers @ Bob Amos Park ***
Oct 16 Tue Fayette County Championships .zip
Oct 16 Tue Wayne County All-Comers Email: ***
Oct 16Tue Northern Ky Middle & Elementary School Championships***Info
Oct 16TueShelby County Middle & Elementary Invitational  Email:***Info
Oct 16 Tue
Mercer County All-Comers   
Oct 16TuePaducah St. Mary Greenway All-Comers Email:
Oct 16 Tue Buffalo Trace Conference @ Mason County
*** Info
Oct 17 Wed Northern Kentucky Middle/Freshman Regionals .zip Info
Oct 18 Thu Western Kentucky MS & Elem Championships. Email: ***
Oct 18ThuClay County All-Comers  Email:***
Oct 18 Thu Owsley County All-Comers  Email:***
Oct 18Thu Mason County Middle School Invitational***Info
Oct 18 Thu Harrison County Invitational .zip Info
Oct 18 Thu 7th Annual Danville Christian Academy MS & Elem Inv. Email: ***  Info
Oct 20 Sat Area 7 Championships @ Mason County    Email:  ***  Info
Oct 20 Sat 20th Annual DeSales Invitational *** Info
Oct 20 Sat Lexington Catholic Invitational .zip Info
Oct 20SatCentral Kentucky Run for the Gold
Oct 20 Sat Woodford County Invitational Email: ***
Oct 20 Sat

Bourbon County Stampede - Elementary Race Email:

Oct 20 Sat

40th Annual Christian County Invitational Email:

.zip Info
Oct 20 Sat Area 9 Championships  Email: ***
Oct 20Sat1st Annual Corbin Redhound Invitational  Email:***Info
Oct 20 Sat

Louisville Academy Meet

Oct 22 Mon

Advantage Quad Series-Fulton County HS Email:

*** Info
Oct 23 Tue Jefferson County Private School Championships ***
Oct 23 Tue Northern Ky JV Regional
.zip Info
Oct 23 Tue Mercer County All-Comers  
Oct 23 Tue Pikeville All-Comers @ Bob Amos Park ***
Oct 23 Tue Lincoln Trail Heartland Confernce Email:
Oct 23 Tue City-County Championships-Bowling Green-Warren County  
Oct 23TueMid-Kentucky Conference @Hillbilly Heaven***
Oct 24 Wed Jefferson County Public School Championships @ River Road Country Club ***  
Oct 25 Thu Kentucky River Conference  
Oct 25ThuClay County All-Comers  Email:***
Oct 26 Fri Lloyd Elementary-Middle School *** Info
Oct 27 Sat Graves County Classic  Email:
Oct 27 Sat

KTCCCA Meet of Champions-Masterson Station Park
Ky USATFMasters & Open 4K XC Championships 

5K Map   4K Map  3K Map   2K Map

Online Entry Only Info
Oct 27 Sat Western Kentucky Meet of Champions  @ Union County ***
Oct 27 Sat Trigg County Rotary Fenton Dawson Memorial Run @ Lake Barkley State Park Entrance Email: 
Oct 27 Sat Metro Meet of Champions
Oct 27 Sat Big East Championships-  New York City
Oct 29 Mon SEC Championships --Knoxville ***
November Events
 Nov 3 Sat KHSAA Regional Cross Country Championships



Nov 10 Sat
KHSAA State Cross Country Championships
Ky USATFAssociation Masters & Open 5K XC Championships 
Nov 10 Sat NCAA Southeast Regional Cross Country Championships    
 Nov 11 Sun Kentucky AAU District Meet  Email: ***

Nov 17  Sat  
Nov 17  Sat NCAA Div. 1 National Championships E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park  ***  
Nov 24  Sat  Footlocker South Regional  Charlotte, NC   ***  
December Events
Dec 1  Sat Deadline KTCCCA Academic All State Nominations Due  ***  
Dec 1 Sat Cross Country Coaches National Youth Championships @ Terre Haute, IN Website
 Dec 1 Sat   Nike Cross Nationals  Portland, OR  ***  
 Dec 1 Sat AAU National Cross Country Championships @  Kissimmee, FL ***  
Dec 8 Sat  USATF National National Club XC Championships @ Masterson Station Park ***
Dec 8 Sat  USATF National J.O. XC Championships @ Albuquerque, NM  ***  
Dec 8 Sat  Footlocker Nationals  San Diego, CA

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